August 20, 2012

The North Shore - Part 2 and Done

Hello!  I'm back home and relaxing today before I go back to work tomorrow.  The rest of my trip to the Minnesota North Shore was great!  There was just one hiccup when I had an accident at the Lutsen Alpine Slide and got some pretty bad scrapes on my arms.

My sister caught this photo of me as I finished the slide.
You can't see my scrapes here.

We then headed for the Canadian border where we naively thought we would quickly grab lunch and then head back down the North Shore for more sightseeing.  Guess we should have checked the maps first!  After 50 miles or so of driving in Canada we didn't find any restaurants so we turned around and went back to Minnesota.

One of our stops after we were back in Minnesota was to Devil's Kettle Falls at Judge Magney State Park.  A two mile roundtrip hike to the falls.  Beautiful!  But beware of the stairs - there are a lot of them!

Devil's Kettle Falls, Judge Magney State Park

These falls are beautiful and mysterious!  The river splits into two falls.  The falls on the right continues downriver. The falls on the left disappears into a hole.  This is Devil's Kettle.  No one knows where it goes.  Some believe the water continues to Lake Superior through underground passages, but no one knows for sure.  People have even thrown things into the Kettle but they have never been seen again.  You can read more about it here.

What a day!  On the way back to our hotel, we stopped in Grand Marais for some yummy, yummy puff tacos at Hughie's Taco House.  And who would've guessed but they had homemade pickled snow peas for sale.  My sister bought a couple of jars and we all had to try them.  Yummy!

That was my vacation!  I had a great time visiting with my Minnesota family!  I'd like to thank my sisters and niece again for a great birthday dinner at the Bluefin Resort.  It was delicious and that cherry cake was so yummy!

Now that I am back home, The Great Purge begins!  It is time for me to do a major cleanout of my craft room.  I started today with my closet and have barely made a dent.  This is definitely going to take awhile!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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  1. Linda looks like you had a great vacation!! Hope your wounds are healing! Good luck with the purging!!



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