August 3, 2011

Do You Hear Crickets?

Just a quick note to say that I won't be posting much for a little while.  I've been super busy with other projects this summer so I already hadn't posted much lately.  And now my MacBook has croaked!  Luckily I have backups so I am not concerned about losing any data.  But I am now without my computer.  I have other computers available, including my old Dell PC which I am using now to write this.  But none of these computers have my software and my settings. So, until I can get a new MacBook, it'll be pretty quiet on the Lucky Dog Stamper blog. I'll still be making cards and taking photos of them so I'll have a lot to post when I am back up and running.

See ya later!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Linda! I've been MIA here for awhile too and it looks like I'll be staying that way for awhile longer. Hope you are doing well..know you've been busy with your daughter graduating a moving back home.



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