May 9, 2011

My Craft Room

I did some reorganizing and cleaning in my craft room this past weekend.  It was so nice and clean when I was done, I thought I should take pictures.  You don't see it like this very often.

I keep two tables set up all the time, I like to spread out.  When my friends 
come over for our monthly crop, I bring out a third table. I like all my supplies 
right behind me when I am working. Easy to just turn and grab what I need.

Most of my stamps are in cds in the 4-drawer JetMax cubes. 
See my pretty Papertrey cardstock and ribbon?

In the closet I keep my copics, small patterned paper pads, 
envelopes and extra paper. All within easy reach.

My printer, cricut and cuttlebug station.  I currently keep my dies in
Quickutz magnetic folders but I'm not totally happy with them.  
I just haven't figured out what else to do with them yet.

This is my happy place!


  1. Your happy place looks wonderful. I wish mine looked like that. I need to do some spring cleaning.

  2. What a fabulous scrap room! So neat and organized, not to mention beautiful. Enjoy it!

  3. WOW!!!! This is a beautiful, clean, NEAT, and organized space!!!! SO pretty :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your room... so neat and tidy! I definitely need to go upstairs and give mine a good cleaning... tomorrow... haha :)

  5. Love your happy place Linda! I need to take pictures of mine too! I think it's great that you have a group of friends that get together and craft!

  6. Ooh Linda, what a lovely crafting space you have. Totally befitting your wonderful self. What a great space. Thanks for letting us look at how it's done. ;-)

  7. What a pretty room! I love it! I am cracking up over your blog name! My DH's nickname is Lucky Dog. His hunting Team is Lucky Dog. The Boat's name is Lucky Dog, he has a tattoo on his arm that says Lucky Dog from 15 years ago. LOL I should have thought of it LOL His lucky dog was Trapper :)

  8. Linda your craft room rocks!!! It is so neat and bright! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Holy mackerel--I am jealous!! I love the way your organized everything. BTW, I use the Quickutz magnetic folders for my non-Spellbinder dies, too, but if you come up with a better solution, please pass it on.



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