April 11, 2011

Poor Marley!

Yesterday was a scary day for us!  My husband was walking our dog Marley at a local regional park where dogs are allowed off leash.  Marley was on leash when she was attacked by a male pitbull-akita mix that was off-leash.  The dog went for her throat and when pulled off, also bit her in the right rear leg.  Marley didn't have a chance to even try to fight back.  We thought she just had puncture wounds, but when the emergency vet looked at her, we were shocked to see a huge tear in her throat area (luckily the tear was to her skin and there was little damage to anything else).  The doc said she was very lucky!  I think her collar helped to prevent worse damage.  So poor Marley had surgery to repair her wounds.  She was a very unhappy pup when we brought her home last night.  She cried most of the night, even with the pain meds.  Here is the poor baby trying to sleep:

Marley was much better this morning and when I came home from work, she was all happy and wagging her tail.  Tomorrow I will work from home to watch over her.  After that I think she'll be fine on her own during the days.

I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to make many cards, but I did some organizing and as you can see, I updated my blog design.  I will have a few posts over the next few days with some of my organizing and some cards I am especially proud of.


  1. Linda, I am glad Marley is feeling better and did not get hurt worse.

  2. Oh Linda I am so sorry about Marley! I hope he is doing better tonight!

  3. OMG... I am so sorry Linda that is super scary! Oh that makes me so mad. I am so happy that Marley's wounds are healing. Give her a squeeze for me.



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