April 12, 2011

Organizing My Inks

There is so much organization I need to do in my craft room.  But at the top of my list is organizing my inks.  I have so much ink and recently I have really gotten into using distress inks so I've been buying more and more ink.  And it is not unusual for me to buy duplicates and have to return products all the time.  So last weekend I decided to tackle my inks.  I searched the web and found some templates for the distress inks and Memento inks.  And I made a simple one for my Papertrey inks.  I printed them on Gina K's Pure Luxury white cardstock and then stamped each of the inks that I have.  This is what I ended up with:

I love this.  I can so easily see what inks I have and what they look like stamped on white paper.  Since I like to stamp on kraft paper a lot, I am thinking of doing this again with kraft paper.  But, for now, this is absolutely great! And I can make copies of these and carry them with me when I am shopping for more inks.  

If you are interested in using these templates, you can find them here:
Papertrey Inks: Papertrey Inks Color Chart (I label this as Old Papertrey Inks because Papertrey will be coming out with new inks soon.)


  1. Great idea! How is Marley doing?

  2. Linda like your ink organization idea..I like to keep my stamps, etc. organized but I hadn't thought about organizing my inks. HOpe Marley is doing better!

  3. Linda..........This is just awesome!!! Thanks for all of the links! I just printed them out and will work on this today! I recently bought a ton of Distress inks and re-inkers for wrinkled ribbon, so this will definitely keep me organized!



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