April 16, 2011

Marley is Getting Back to Normal

After several rough days recovering from the dog attack and her surgery, Marley is looking and acting more like herself.  This morning she went to her toy boxes and started pulling out all her toys to play with.

On Thursday afternoon she had a followup visit at the vet and got the drains removed and got all cleaned up.  She was so happy.  She goes back to the vet next week to get all the stitches removed.  She still has to stay inside and that is starting to get troublesome as she is getting her energy and perkiness back.  She does get to go outside for potty time so that helps a little.

Here are some pictures:

The wound to her neck is healing very nicely!

She spent much of her recovery time under the tables in my craft room.

Thanks to everyone who asked about Marley and wished her well.  Fortunately Marley is young (almost 3) and dogs have an amazing ability to bounce back quickly.  We are very happy to still have our Lucky Dog with us.


  1. Linda, I'm so glad Marley is getting better.

  2. So so glad Marley is doing better!! It is always wonderful when they have been ill and then start to take their toys out you know they are on the mend!



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