March 27, 2011

Rain, Rain ... Go Away!

Well, at least I am sitting here with a nice hot cup of tea, enjoying the rain from the inside!

My daughter Kim is on school break so she came home for a long weekend and we all headed up to the Russian river where we rented a cozy cabin.  It's been rainy here in NorCal for the last few weeks and the river is quite high (25 feet).  The cabin sits above the river and there are normally two full flights of stairs to get down to the water, but right now the lower flight of stairs is covered in water.  We've seen lots of debris floating by, mostly branches, some quite large, but once we saw an old television float by.  Makes you wonder where that came from.

The rain has been intermittent so we have managed to get out and do some walking in the hills on the other side of the cabin.  Very pleasant.  Kim took lots of photos and has been adding them to her album on Flickr and her blog.  Here's a picture she took of me, hubby and Marley (luckydog):

Here are some other photos I've taken.  Not as artful as Kim's.

The swollen Russian river.  Photo taken from the cabin deck.

Poor trees are covered in water.  

The river is up to the top of the lower flight of stairs.

The rain is coming down steady now and I'm going to go get another cup of tea, then back to the internet for more browsing in front of the window overlooking the river.  In spite of the rain, it's been a very "chillaxing" weekend.

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  1. It looks beautiful, I hope you have a great time with your daughter and husband.



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